Veritas NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0: Administration

Date: 11-09-2023 s/d 14-09-2023   |   Category: Veritas : Data Protection   |   Instructor: M. Andry Hartawan
The Veritas NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0: Administration course is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for deploying, configuring, operating, managing, and maintaining the Veritas NetBackup Flex Scale appliances. This course covers how to deploy and configure NetBackup Flex Scale appliances. Participants learn how to set up, monitor, and manage NetBackup Flex Scale Infrastructure, and configure networks, resiliency, and security. The course also discusses how to perform site-based Disaster Recovery, and configure EMS, optimized deduplication, and AIR. Upgrade, patch management, and troubleshooting NetBackup Flex Scale issues are also discussed. 

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