The Wireshark Course

Date: 31-07-2019   |   Category: Networking   |   Instructor: M. Andry Hartawan
Learn to use Wireshark as a networking professional including troubleshooting, analysis, and protocol development!

What you'll learn
Use wireshark as an advanced user.
Apply successfully for network admin jobs.
Work as a freelancer using wireshark skills learned in this course.
See how to add a wireshark certificate to your LinkedIn profile!

Have a computer capable of running wireshark.
Consistent experience with accessing the internet and working online.

Wireshark is much easier to learn when you take this course and try everything you see for yourself! Wireshark is a free open-source packet analyzer that is the number one tool for network analysis, troubleshooting, software and communications protocol development, and related education in networking. Knowing Wireshark gives you the ability to successfully apply for network administrator jobs and easily earn money as a freelancer online because Wireshark is an in demand skill!

Use this course to speed up your learning with Wireshark with hands on tutorials showing you exactly what you can do in Wireshark founded on explanations of basic network terminology, installing Wireshark, and a review of the basic functions. The course begins with the basics and continues to dive deeper allowing you to follow along and try everything you see for yourself!

You should act on your feelings of love, hope, and faith to take this course now if you want to learn a valuable skill to use in your own company or to make money as a freelancer or employee working in a network administration job!

Who this course is for:
Network administrators looking to build deeper knowledge of wireshark.
Entrepreneurs desiring to learn more about network protocols.
Freelancers wishing to add an in demand skill to their profile.

Course content and duration
Welcome to Wireshark! What is it, why should you learn it, and networking basics 35:15
Introduction to Wireshark. What is Wireshark and why should you learn it?  04:23
Basic networking terms and concepts 14:27
OSI model: What it is, different layers, and why is it important to understand. 06:02
How to get a certificate + add Wireshark to your LinkedIn profile certifications 10:23

Getting Started with Wireshark. How to set it up, install, and the interface. 44:41
Wireshark installation and setup (Linux environment).  14:15
Wireshark interface  18:48
Deeper into the wireshark interface 11:38

Key functions for use within wireshark. 34:35
Protocol filters 11:52
IP and port filtering 07:31
HTTP packet analysis 09:57
Demonstrating how credentials can be stolen over insecure networks. 05:15

Firewalls and Unauthorized Traffic with wireshark.12:51
Wireshark and Linux firewall interaction 04:48
Demonstration of detecting unauthorized traffic 08:03
Introduction to Wireshark Command Line Interface and Tshark.
Wireshark command line interface overview. 07:04
Wireshark CLI first usage introduction. 10:22
T Shark file output. 11:41
Tshark timer limits. 06:27
Tshark splitting output files. 10:25
Difference between display and capture filters in CLI 07:21
Field separation. 07:30–
Network Card Modes: Motioning and Remote Capture. 47:56
Network card modes walk through. 05:25
How to enable monitor mode. 11:19
Deeper into enabling monitor mode. 10:45
Capturing remote traffic. 10:13
Decrypting remote wireless traffic. 10:14

Tshark Output Formatting. 18:02
Formatting output to a .csv file. 09:05
Exporting packet contents. 08:57

Wireshark and Nmap Interaction. 18:35
Wireshark and Nmap interaction introduction. 10:55
Deeper into the Wireshark and Nmap interaction. 07:40

Tunneling Wireshark Traffic Online. 31:50
SSH tunneling to Wireshark introduction. 06:10
SSH tunneling to Wireshark second steps. 08:34
More about SSH tunneling to Wireshark. 09:52
Finishing SSH tunneling to Wireshark. 07:14

Traffic monitoring on a proxy server, log file overview + wireshark live capture 01:35:16
Proxy server traffic monitoring part 1 10:31
Proxy server traffic monitoring part 2 18:03
Proxy server traffic monitoring part 3 19:57
Proxy server traffic monitoring part 4 19:20
Proxy server traffic monitoring part 5 14:25
Proxy server traffic monitoring part 6 13:00

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