Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Date: 29-07-2019 s/d 30-07-2019   |   Category: Cloud Computing   |   Instructor: M. Andry Hartawan
Get hands on with Google Cloud (GCP) applications and become a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

What you'll learn
Set up a Google Cloud environment, including billing accounts, projects, tools, access, and security.
Plan, configure, implement, deploy, monitor, and manage solutions in the Google Cloud.
Get familiar with using the Google Cloud through both the console and the command-line.
Pass the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.
Build a strong foundation for other GCP certification exams.

You should understand the basic concepts of Cloud Computing.
No coding experience is required and code is provided for use in labs where necessary.
You’ll need some form of computer—Desktop/Laptop/Chromebook computer.
Please note that a mobile phone screen may be fine for viewing this course, but you'll want something larger for the labs.
A willingness to do labs and other homework is required. This course is hands-on and interactive. Active, motivated students will get a lot out of this course. Passive students will struggle and should not take this course.

Google Cloud is growing quickly as companies increasingly adopt multi-cloud strategies. It was named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant, and demand for people with Google Cloud skills is running high. To meet this demand and help organizations identify knowledgeable talent, Google has created their Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

This course is targeted at efficiently teaching the skills required by the certification—namely deploying applications, monitoring operations, and managing enterprise solutions. It also helps students demonstrate those skills through certification. The certification requires candidates be able to use both the GCP console and the command-line to perform many common platform-based tasks, but this course does not require students to already have experience with either, going in.
This course will prepare you to:
Set-up and configure Google Cloud accounts using best practices.
Use GCP services like Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Kubernetes Engine in your everyday work.
Pass the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.
No coding experience is required and code used for labs is provided.

Who this course is for:
Sysadmins or other individuals who want to learn how to configure and manage Google Cloud systems and demonstrate those abilities through certification.
Developers who want to leverage Google Cloud for the applications they build.
Architects and technical managers who want to get hands-on and “stay honest” with the technology.

Course content and duration

Course Info 17:34
Course Introduction 03:24
Making Comparisons 03:45
Course Outline & Student Background 10:25
Certification Intro 08:05
Exam Guide (Blueprint) 08:05
Intro to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 15:06
GCP Context 05:01
GCP Design and Structure 10:05
Intro to GCP Products/Services 27:19
How to Cheat 04:12
Products/Services as Building Blocks 05:50
Key Building Blocks 17:17
Getting Started 04:43
Milestone: Start? 04:43
Account Setup 40:49
Free-Tier GCP Accounts 06:14
Create Free-Tier GCP Account (Lab) 09:11
Explore GCP Console (Lab) 06:35
Set Up Billing Export (Lab) 07:58
Set Up Billing Alert (Lab) 02:56
Set Up Non-Admin User Access (Lab) 07:55

Cloud Shell and Data Flows 34:56
Explore Cloud Shell and Editor (Lab) 10:35
Data Flows 16:22
Update Course Lab Files (Lab) 04:28
Milestone: Open World 03:31

Basic Services 01:24:34
GCS: Google Cloud Storage (Lab) 11:03
GCS via gsutil in Command Line (Lab) 12:32
Starting Our First GCE VM: Google Compute Engine Setup (Lab) 10:47
Rundown on gcloud 14:29
GCE In and Out (Lab) 16:00
GCE via Console (Lab) 18:13
Milestone: Solid Foundation 01:30

Basic Services Challenge Lab 49:03
GCE-GCS Challenge Lab 04:42
GCE-GCS Challenge Lab Data Flow 19:29
GCE-GCS Challenge Lab Demo 09:23
Basic Services Sample Practice Questions: 5 questions
Basic Services Sample Practice Questions Breakdown 13:15
Milestone: Standing On Your Own 02:14

Scaling 21:56
Managed Instance Groups (Lab) 19:11
Milestone: Robust Mental Model 02:45

Security 47:09
What is Security? (Data Flow) 13:27
IAM Breakdown: Resource Hierarchy (To which thing?) 03:21
IAM Breakdown: Permissions and Roles (Can do what?) 04:18
IAM Breakdown: Members and Groups (Who?) 04:18
IAM Breakdown: Policies (Bindings) 07:54
IAM Breakdown: Wrap-Up 02:09
Billing Access Control 09:24
Milestone: Secure All The Things! 02:18

Networking 01:17:19
Routing: Overview 03:39
Routing: To Google's Network (Premium Routing Tier) 03:12
Routing: To the Right Resource (Load Balancing) 09:40
Routing: Among Resources (VPC) 05:37
Creating Auto-Mode VPCs (Lab) 04:55
Custom-Mode VPCs (Lab) - Part 1: Creating the VPC 02:54
Custom-Mode VPCs (Lab) - Part 2: Creating the Custom IAM Role & Service Account 04:37
Custom-Mode VPCs (Lab) - Part 3: Using the VPC and Configuring Firewall Rules 10:16
Custom-Mode VPCs: Challenge Lab 03:22
Custom-Mode VPCs: Challenge Lab Solution - Main Setup 07:08
Custom-Mode VPCs: Challenge Lab Solution - Firewall Rules 18:43
Networking Exam Tips 03:16

GKE Introduction: Google Kubernetes Engine 11:01
GKE: Everything You Need 04:17
Kubernetes Deep Dive Intro 06:44

Kubernetes Course Introduction 06:43
What You Need 04:30
Schedule 02:13

Kubernetes Big Picture 18:25
Kubernetes Big Picture 01:02
Kubernetes Primer 05:13
The Kubernetes API06:40
Kubernetes Objects 02:44
Spin Up a Quick Cluster 02:46

Kubernetes Application Architecture 13:25
Kubernetes App Architecture 00:35
Theory 05:04
Sample Kubernetes App 05:24
Recap 02:22

Kubernetes Networking 45:36
Networking 02:03
Common Networking Requirements 05:58
Sample App Requirements 04:54
Kubernetes Networking Basics 03:25
Service Basics 05:16
Service Types 04:54
Service Network 04:55
Demo 10:05
Recap 04:06

Kubernetes Storage 40:37
Storage 02:19
Big Picture 06:15
Container Storage Interface 04:39
PV and PVC 08:29
Storage Classes 08:58
Demo 06:55
Recap 03:02

From Code to Kubernetes 18:35
Code to Kubernetes 01:20
Big Picture 04:42
Demo 10:36
Recap 01:57

Kubernetes Deployments 23:04
Kubernetes Deployments 01:31
Deployment Theory 08:34
Deployments in Action 10:21
Recap 02:38

Kubernetes Auto-scaling Apps 36:34
Scaling Applications 01:41
Big Picture 03:49
HPA Theory 05:13
HPA Demo 09:18
Cluster Autoscaler Theory 05:15
Cluster Autoscaler Demo 06:45
Recap 04:33

Kubernetes Security 35:55
RBAC and Admission Control 01:58
Big Picture 06:01
Authentication 05:38
Authorization 09:02
Admission Control 02:33
Demo 06:47
Recap 03:56

More Kubernetes Stuff 08:13
Other Kubernetes Stuff 08:13

Kubernetes and GKE Wrap-up 02:23
Welcome Back 02:23

GAE: Google App Engine 06:08
App Engine - Lab Challenge 06:08

Services Breadth 01:39:47
Compute 07:37
Storage, DB and Transfer 20:20
Networking 13:44
Machine Learning/AI 08:38
Big Data and IoT 14:08
Identity and Security 15:25
Operations and Management 10:01
Development and APIs 09:54

System of Services 04:31
Putting It All Together 04:31

Wrapping Up 01:40
Milestone: Almost There? 01:40

Exam Preparation 24:11
Logistics 06:53
Final Prep 09:14
Milestone: Soaring 03:00
Thank You and Good Luck 05:04

Practice Test 1 00:00
Practice Test 1: 50 questions

Practice Test 2 00:00
Practice Test 2: 50 questions

But Wait, There's More!: 02:32
Bonus Lecture: 02:32

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