IBM Domino 9 Administration Fundamentals

Date: 06-12-2021 s/d 10-12-2021   |   Category: IBM   |   Instructor: -

The Domino Administration Bootcamp covers the most common and critical tasks performed by Domino Administrators. In this course, you will:

Be introduced to basic concepts that provide the foundation for IBM Domino and IBM Notes
Practice performing basic administration tasks using the IBM Domino Administrator client
Install and configure a basic infrastructure with a single domain
Perform standard server maintenance and troubleshooting tasks


This beginning course is designed for novice IBM Domino Administrators who need to acquire a foundational knowledge and working experience with IBM Domino administration tools and who are responsible for:

Registering and managing users and server
Setting up and configuring IBM Domino mail server
Monitoring and maintaining an existing IBM Domino infrastructure
Upgrading IBM Notes clients


There are no formal prerequisites. Prior experience with network administration, mail system administration or the IBM Notes client is beneficial.

Key topics

Day 1: Security Administration
Basic user registration
Managing user IDs, passwords, and access
Working with groups
Advanced user registration
Organizational Units and Certifiers
Policies, AdminP, and the Certification Authority Process

Day 2: Desktop Administration and Support
Troubleshooting mail issues
Managing and monitoring mail performance
Installing Notes clients

Days 3-4: Server Administration

Day 3:

Server monitoring
Server access controls
Mail controls
Replication and backup

Day 4:
Transaction logging
Database maintenance
Server crash
Server decommissioning

Day 5: Domino Architect and Bootcamp Culminating Activity
Naming schemes
Server installation
ID Vault
Bootcamp culminating activity


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