Symantec Cluster Server 6.x for UNIX: Advanced Administration

Date: 29-12-2018 s/d 31-12-2018   |   Category: Symantec: High Availability   |   Instructor: M. Andry Hartawan
The Symantec Cluster Server 6.x: Advanced Administration course is designed for the IT professional tasked with managing, configuring, and using clusters in an enterprise environment. This class covers how to set up advanced network and data protection configurations, customize VCS behavior using triggers and service group dependencies, and manage system outages. Students also learn how to control VCS behavior for service group startup and failover. In addition, students learn how to reconfigure cluster membership, upgrade a cluster, and configure campus clusters. Note: This course does not teach basic clustering concepts and is a follow-on course from the Symantec Cluster Server 6.x course.

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