Advanced SQL Tuning Tips and Techniques with Dan Hotka

Date: 27-02-2020 s/d 28-02-2020   |   Category: Oracle Database   |   Instructor: -
Duration: 2 Days
Delivery Method : Instructor Led Training
Price : IDR.7,000,000

What you will learn
The course starts out with a complete overview of the Oracle architecture so students can get an understanding how their SQL and applications can take advantage of the computing environment. This seminar goes into detail on how Oracle arrives at an execution plan, the explain plan.

Dan illustrates various coding techniques that insure the SQL runs at maximum performance in the current and future Oracle database environments. Indexes are closely examined as well. The internal structure is discussed as well as the decision process Oracle uses when selecting whether to use indexes or not.

Dan will illustrate how to tell which indexes are being used. Dan illustrates various free tuning aids such as the Oracle Trace Facility, Stats Pack, and the newer Trace Analyzer. This seminar then uses this information in a discussion on finding the problem SQL using scripts and additional information in the V$ and X$ dictionary views.

All scripts illustrated in this seminar will be made available to the attendees. The seminar concludes with a discussion on some Oracle10g new features that might be causing performance issues.

- Database Administrators
- Developer

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Required Prerequisites
- A basic knowledge of SQL statement Explain Plans is helpful
- A working knowledge of SQL

Course Objectives
- To give the attendee valuable performance tuning knowledge

Course Topics
- Understanding Explain Plans
- Controlling Explain Plans
- Using Hints
- Using Coding Techniques
- Index Utilization
- Index Monitoring
- Identifying Poor Indexes
- Working with Oracle Tuning Tools
- Stats Pack
- Oracle Trace
- Trace Analyzer
- Finding Problem
- SQL using Scripts
-  Oracle Working Too Hard
- Oracle Not Allowed to Work

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