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This boot camp is an ideal starting point for an implementer who is planning to learn Oracle BPM Suite 12c and use it on BPM projects. The course provides a combination of lecture segments that present conceptual and feature background and hands-on labs that provide practice with the tooling.

What will we cover:
This boot camp introduces process developers to Oracle BPM Suite 12c. It covers the key concepts, features and processes needed to begin using the design-time and run-time capabilities on BPM projects. Throughout the training, you will benefit from hands-on exercises based upon two case studies. At the conclusion of the course, you should feel comfortable to start using BPM Suite 12c for process modeling, simulation, analytics, business rules and human workflow.

Learn To:
 Use BPMN modeling notation to document business process
 Simulate a process model to identify bottlenecks
 Create business rules that condition flow through a model
 Develop a sophisticated human workflow task routing
 Define key performance metrics
 Build a dashboard containing charts that show key performance metrics

Duration: The boot camp is a 4-day course.

Note: The duration is intended for general reference. The boot camp instructor may recommend a different approach in rolling the class.
Students are required to check the boot camp duration for the scheduled event they are interested in.

Audience: The target audience for this course includes:
 Process Developers
 Application Developers
 Application Architects
 SOA Architects
 System Analysts
 Technical Consultant

Prerequisite Training and Environment Requirements:
 Since BPM Suite sits atop the capabilities of SOA Suite, an understanding of SOA Suite enhances participant success in this boot camp. The participant should be a confident user of JDeveloper. The course may be too implementation-focused for process analysts who are mainly involved only in process modeling and simulation. This is certainly not a course for business users who are often involved in BPM projects.
 This boot camp uses Oracle Partner Network Enablement Cloud (OPNEC). It is a remotely hosted environment for hands-on lab exercises. SOA Suite 12c, BPM Suite 12c, BAM 12c, Oracle Database 12c and JDeveloper are all pre-installed in this environment. VPN is used to provide a secure connection to the participant’s Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. A VNC client is required to connect to the remote environment.

The student workstation, either provided by the classroom or by the student, should have the following capabilities:
Student Workstation Requirements:

Processor 1GHz
System Memory 1GB
Disk Space 120MB free space for presentations and lab materials

Web Browser Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer
VNC Client TightVNC (or comparable VNC client)

Agenda Topics:
This 4-day boot camp provides an overview of Oracle BPM Suite 12c and will enable you to start using the product to model business processes and to implement BPM applications that execute and enforce the models.
Day 1
BPM Overview
 Course Overview
 BPM Introduction
 Product Overview
 Lab 1: Environment Setup
 Course Overview
 Full Life Cycle
 Lab 2: Full Life Cycle

Day 2 Modeling and Business Rules
 Day One Review
 Modeling
 Lab 3: Basic Application
 Business Rules
 Lab 4: Business Rules

Day 3 Human Workflow, Error Handling, and Analytics
 Day Two Review
 Human Workflow
 Lab 5: Human Workflow
 Error Handling
 Lab 6: Error Handling
 Analytics
 Lab 7: Analytics

Day 4 BAM, Solution Accelerators, Business Architecture Modeling, and Adaptive Case Management
 Day Three Review
 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
 Lab 8: BAM
 Solution Accelerators
 Business Architecture Modeling
 Adaptive Case Management
 Day Four Review
 Course Wrap-up

Related Training:
Since BPM Suite sits atop SOA Suite, training in SOA Suite can be helpful.

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