Regular Expressions for Symantec Control Compliance System

Date: 19-09-2019 s/d 20-09-2019   |   Category: Symantec : Information Risk and Compliance   |   Instructor: -
Duration :  2 days
Delivery Method : Instructor Led Training
Price : IDR.11,900,000

Control Compliance Suite custom Unix File Checks

How to create Unix file checks

About Regular Expressions
Sample Check 1 Basic File Contents
Sample Check 2 File Does Not Exist
Sample Check 3 Basic File Permission Check
Sample Check 4 File Permissions – Multiple Directories 
Sample Check 5 Home Directory – File Contents 
Sample Check 6 World Writable Directories

Using Standards Manager for Check Development

In this exercise you will learn how best practices create a Standard, create multiple checks, test the checks and prepare them for production use.

Create Standard                           – Create  a Standard with three sections to use for developing checks.
Create Simple Check                    – Create a simple check, do a simple data collection, then prepare the check to be put into  
                                                         the QA  Checks area for testing.
Create Precondition Check           – Create a check using Preconditions, do a simple data collection, then prepare the check to
                                                         be put into the QA Checks area for testing. Editing checks will be covered.
Populate Check(s)                        – Populate the remediation information and Risk factors on the General Tab.  Details will be
                                                         added to the Issue and CVE tabs in the QA Checks steps. 
Quality Assurance (QA) Check(s) – In this step you test the check against at least three machines on which the check’s
                                                         outcome is known in advance: one machine that passes the check, one machine that fails                                                          the check, and one machine that is “not applicable” for the check.
Map Controls                                -  Use Controls Studio to map applicable control statements to the check.

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