System Administration for the Oracle Solaris 10 OS Part 1

Date: 09-09-2019 s/d 13-09-2019   |   Category: Oracle: Solaris   |   Instructor: M. Andry Hartawan
Duration : 5 days

Price : IDR. 7.000,000

This System Administration for the Oracle Solaris 10 OS, Part 1 course helps you gain expertise in the basic system administration concepts of Oracle Solaris 10. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you become further engaged with the most efficient, secure and reliable operating system.

Learn To:
Perform basic system installation and configuration on Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 OS.
Maintain and operate Oracle Solaris 10 1/13.
Effectively administer file systems, users, services, processes, packages and network interfaces.
Manage local disk devices.
Perform mounts and unmounts.
Describe interface configurations.
You can use this course as a stepping stone to learn advanced technologies taught in System administration for the
Oracle Solaris 10 OS Part 2 course.Counts Toward Certification RequirementThis course counts towards the hands-on
course requirement for the Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certification. Only Classroom Training or Live Virtual
Class formats of this course will meet the certification hands-on requirement. Self-Study Courses and Knowledge Center
courses DO NOT meet the hands-on Requirement.

System Administrator

Related Training
Required Prerequisites
To succeed in this course, you should be able to create procedural application programs.
Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Essentials

Course Objectives
- Administer packages
- Control and monitor network interfaces
- Control system processes
- Install software 
- Manage disk labels and system devices
- Manage file systems
- Obtain and use patches
- Perform mounts and unmounts
- Perform system boot procedures 
- Perform user administration
- Use SMF administrative commands

Course Topics
Introducing the Solaris 10 OS Directory Hierarchy
- Introducing File Systems
- Introducing File Components
- Identifying File Types
- Using Hard Links

Managing Local Disk Devices
- Basic architecture of a disk
- Oracle Solaris OS Naming Conventions for Devices
- Listing System Devices
- Reconfiguring Devices
- Partitioning a Hard Disk
- Extended Volume Table of Contents

Managing UFS File Systems
- Oracle Solaris OS File Systems
- Creating a New UFS File System
- Checking the File System Using the fsck Command
- Resolving File System Inconsistencies
- Monitoring File System Use

Performing Mounts and Unmounts
- Working With Mounting Basics
- Performing Mounts
- Managing ZFS Mount Points
- Performing Unmounts
- Accessing Mounted Diskettes, CD-ROMs, or DVDs
- Restricting Access to Mounted Diskettes, CD-ROMs, or DVDs
- Accessing a Diskette, CD-ROM, or DVD Without VMS

ZFS File System Introduction
- Describing the Oracle Solaris ZFS file system
- Defining ZFS Terminology
- Creating new ZFS pools and file systems
- Destroying ZFS pools and file systems
- Modifying ZFS file system properties
- Working with ZFS snapshots and clones

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