Symantec App Center 4.1.x Administration

Date: 10-12-2018 s/d 12-12-2018   |   Category: Symantec App Center   |   Instructor: M. Andry Hartawan
Symantec App Center is a scalable mobile app management solution for securing, deploying, and managing content and apps on corporate and employeeowned mobile devices. This training course covers how to configure and use Symantec App Center in both on-premise and cloudbased (SaaS) versions. Topics include how to securely enroll and manage your mobile devices, enroll users, import and securely distribute apps and content, manage app lifecycles, secure end user devices in the event they are lost or stolen, and how App Center uses MDM (Mobile Device Management) to manage devices. The installation and Administration course also covers step-by-step installation step

Price : IDR.9,000,000

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