Expert NetBackup 5330 appliance installation

Monday, Februari 29, 2016 at 22:39
Expert NetBackup 5330 appliance installation

Get more value with expert NetBackup 5330 appliance installation and custom configuration from Veritas.

Installation and configuration to speed time to value and limit risk.

Return on your investment and get the most from your backup appliance.

Backup to enhance performance and resilience within your unique environment.

The NetBackup 5330 appliance offers:

Faster time-to-production
Simplified management
Better use of IT resources
Increased predictability
Improved availability/redundancy

Benefits of Veritas Appliance Services

Veritas Appliance Services helps keep your systems up and running and your staff working efficiently by providing you with access to a team of experts and support resources. This allows your business to focus on more pressing strategic tasks.  Let us do what we do best, so your business can do what it does best.

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