Courses in the Veritas Education NetBackup curriculum

Tuesday, January 05, 2016 at 17:44
Courses in the Veritas Education NetBackup curriculum include:
• NetBackup Installation: An OnDemand eLibrary course which covers initial NetBackup
installation and planning, and is recommended prior to taking NetBackup courses.
• NetBackup Administration: The basic foundational component within the curriculum for
NetBackup, it teaches configuration of disk, tape, and deduplication storage, file system and
virtual machine backup and restores, and concepts such as storage lifecycle policies, and
NetBackup catalog protection.
• NetBackup Advanced Administration: Instruction on advanced NetBackup functionality and
administrative tasks, including Auto Image Replication, performance topics, application and
database backups, and basic NetBackup troubleshooting.
• NetBackup Maintenance and Troubleshooting: In‐depth NetBackup information about
process flow, and how to troubleshoot NetBackup‐related issues and problems.
• NetBackup Appliance Configuration and Management: Initial NetBackup appliance
configuration, daily maintenance tasks, and management within the NetBackup
Visit the training Web site at for more details, including
additional NetBackup courses.

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