NetBackup Bare Metal Server 6.5 Step by Step

Friday, September 05, 2014 at 04:38
Install NetBackup Master, Media Server, and Clients.
Install Bare Metas Server on the NetBackup Master Server.
Install Bare Metal Boot Server on the NetBackup Master Server or a dedicated server.
Install NetBackup Patches at least to 6.5.1.
Backup the clients using ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive and Collect disaster recovery information for BMR.
Create Shared Resource Tree.
Install additional packages or patches to the SRT.
Install Veritas NetBackup Maintenance Pack.
Create a new CD image based Shared Resource Tree, then burn the ISO image.
Prepore to Discover
Discovery Boot the Client
Copy current client configuration to a new configuration.
Change the Network Interfaces and Disks from new client configuration, or Initialize with discovered configuration
Prepare To Restore
Restore the Client

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